Energetics Performance Coaching 



What will happen during the session?
We will work through some different layers of conditioning energies that are often unconscious. Conditioning and suffering come are from these typical categories:

  • Pre-birth to current age
  • Past lifetime traumas
  • Parents and ancestors traumas.
  • Collective groups: ethnicity, nationality, culture

In the first consultation 1:1 session, we will begin work through some layers and peel away like an onion.

What do I need to do or be aware of in the beginning of session?
  • If you feel you have any key information, please email before each session to inform the practitioner.
  • Do your best to stay ‘present’ to the sensations/emotions/reactions you are experiencing during the session.
  • The session will open with you describing your issues and the practitioner will ask you ‘Out of 10, 0-not bothering you, 10- being the highest level, how much does this problem bother you?’ and then will proceed with the energy session.
  • It is best that you are concise and then allow me to ask you only details related to the issue. Sometimes, for an issue, there are many layers but, if you jump around to different topics or have too many conversation threads, you will not be able to get a deep session.
What does the session experience actually feel like?

During the session, most clients experience releasing in many ways:

  • Reliving deep emotions.
  • Physical sensations such as pain, vibrations, yawning, nauseous, some physical weight sensation, some discomfort and shortness of breath.
  • Physical energy shifts.
  • Unconscious conditioning such as forgotten memories and feelings may arise.
  • As the conditioning comes to the surface, it may be uncomfortable.

When your sensations come up, it is best to stay present and allow the practitioner to guide you through them.

Don’t despair though as, when you start the process of letting go of these issues, you will likely experience relief. After multiple layers get worked through, your symptoms start to resolve themselves, key life insights can come in one or more sessions. Small insights build up to larger insights for a much better picture of yourself occurs, with shift in mental awareness of original problem or symptoms.

Can you do healing work for children, family member, or friend?

When we get inquiries about helping children, no matter what age they and especially for young children, we recommend that people asking for help do a few sessions for themselves first. The children are the product of the DNA of both parents. They will feel everything the parents are going through psychically and empathically.

 The best way to help your loved one is to work through your own worries and fears. Work through your triggers relating to the situation and come to a deep acceptance and peace for the situation and the person. When you get to space of not needing to fix or ‘save’ anyone, then your love ones will most likely come to you for advice and healing.

What should I be aware of after a session?

Immediately after the session, it is best not to do too many activities. It is best to rest, integrate, or reflect on the experience. Some people may feel exhausted, lightheaded, or somewhat disoriented after the sessions. Some people need to rest or sleep. Either immediately, or even several days afterwards, you may still feel the effects of the session.

Often times, when you released a good amount of unconscious energies, it creates a space for clarity and deeper insights.

Do I have to have religious or spiritual beliefs for this process to work on me?
You don’t have to have any particular religion or spiritual beliefs in order to clear symptoms in yourself or others for this method.
Does this work on addictions?
This process treats addictions as a symptom to be cleared (whether the addiction is food, smoking, sleeping pills, alcohol, or drugs). They have root causes and all root causes can be cleared.

There are two dimensions to treating addictions, first the negative beliefs about the negative effects of the substances needs to be removed. These negative beliefs become the root causes for symptoms. If you believe that gluten is bad for you, then you may eventually have difficulties with it (eg weight gain, or digestion problems). Second, the CHOICE to continue to use the substance also needs to be addressed, and the person needs to be assisted in preserving to deal with the choice.

The person needs to shift into a neutral state about the effects of the substance and about wheat her or not to continue to use it. Then the choice becomes easier to make.

How are the sessions held?
Either face to face in a quiet area or 1-1 over FaceTime/Zoom
For your 1-1 holistic performance sessions held in Hong Kong, where?
Yes, we have gyms based in Central Hong Kong and clinic based in Sai Kung where we conduct in-person sessions.
For 1-1 holistic performance sessions, can you we do it in the comfort of my own home or other place if my choosing?
Terms will have to be agreed, but yes, this is possible.

If you have racked your brain for answers and still feel lost and confused with life problems take the quick questionnaire and we will get back to you.