Andrew Wong Kee

Holistic performance Coach

developing a deep understanding and appreciation of the power of the body, mind and spirit

My Career 

Early in my carreer I focused on the physical aspect and realm of performance. I did all the nutritional and supplement courses in the fitness world. I understood and focused on diet, supplements, allergy, chemical/toxins but the more I read and studies the more the science seemed to contradict or be “updated” and re-written over time.


I started my journey as a high level professional athlete who has travelled and experienced foreign cultures, religions and philosophies through my sport. I experienced enough tribulations and life changing moments to appreciate and believe that a conventional western mindset and approach to dealing with stresses/injuries didn’t give long term and sustainable solutions as, it was tackling the symptom and not the cause. 

Once i discovered the world of Energy it gave me a blueprint, clarity and insight that I needed to re-shape my life into the best version of myself.


As my sports and Martial arts became more competitive, I came to the realization the mind, body and spirit were mirror images of each other. I saw that what was manifesting in my mind was coming through in my sport and my results. Pain and injuries would happen more when I had a lot on my mind and i started to notice that my injuries and dips in my performance would directly correlate with my life problems.

I came to recognise that it is the MIND that is the key controller to our physical body and overall health, wellness and performance.


With this realization, my next quest was to find the master manual for our mind. That is when i discovered a 1500-year-old hidden art form, based out of the Shaolin Kung Fu monasteries in China. A travelling Grand master called Dr. Kam Yuen travelled to the west created “Energetics a healing system based from the secret art of Shaolin Kung Fu and Taoism.

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