Pinpoint the

true cause



for an array of life problems which can cause you either pain, stress and discomfort or even all 3!

Tried and spoken to every expert about your problem and no one seems to be able to help you resolve it?


I use a 1500-year-old technique known as “Energetics” to pinpoint the true cause of pain, stress and discomfort or even all 3!

Energetics” will enable you to personally resolve, delete stress/pain and other problems that you are facing.

What is “Energetics”?


“Energetics” is a powerful non-touch technique blending anatomy, physiology, applied Kinesthetics, structural analysis, energetic technique, and quantum physics, to quickly locate and shift your imbalances/blocks on all levels and dimensions.

“Energetics” combines deep knowledge of human anatomy, quantum physics and psychology to find the instant relief and resolution of your pain or stress to your problems. Living a life with emotional outbursts, chronic stress, pain and other life problems will affect all areas of your life limiting your potential and performance.

 “Energetics” gives you solutions to those stressors and brings clarity, peace and calmness to your situation. Let me assist you in finding and creating that desired life.

In-person Holistic Sessions

  • Posture recalibrating by adjusting the postural sensory system of the feet, eyes, jaw and brain balancing.
  • Looking at lifestyle that could be contributing to injuries, lack of energy, weak structural body or negative behavioural issues.
  • Functional breathing patterns to create improve oxygenation of the body and improved mental focus.

Online Sessions

  • Defining your symptoms and establishing strong energetic support for your desired state. And reconnecting to who we really are in this life, infinite, boundless, prosperous in all ways and one with everything.
  • Increasing the percentage of your overall life you are going strong too, creating ease
  • Making sure we truely support what we want in life – love, joy, peace and fun.
  • Disconnecting from that energy that holds onto our symptoms and increase that energetic support for our true self.
  • Strengthening the support for our physical integrity to be present and optimum.
  • Creating transformations through regeneration, rejuvenation and empowerment


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Tara J

Andrew Wong Kee is unlike any other trainer I have worked with. He has an innate understanding of how your body works; which exercises will correct misalignments, strengthen weaknesses, tone and exactly how far to push you. He’s also a lot of fun. The best trainer I’ve had.

Liz A

I was lucky enough to train with Andrew for four years while I was living in Hong Kong. When I started working with him, I had no idea what was in store for me — I was looking for someone to simply give me the kick I needed to become disciplined and to ensure I was exercising in an efficient and safe way. Instead, what I got was genuinely life changing — someone who is a master in his knowledge of how the body works, and who was able to tailor the specific movements, exercises and nutrition that I needed to achieve optimal results. I had absolute trust in Andrew and his methods, and after just a few months I saw massive changes — both in my body and my overall confidence.

Alan C

Andrew has helped me remotely several times with sports injuries. Each time I have given him a call and he has diagnosed the problem and offered a plan of corrective action. He has helped to reduce my initial pain, overcome movement restrictions and had me back to training in a few days when I was initially afraid it might take weeks to recover. I followed his solution exactly, which was a combination of rest, remedial exercises and breathing. I was fine after four days. His knowledge of movement is exceptional so he can always get to the root cause. The fact that he can do this process remotely is I why I could not recommend him higher.

Andrew L

Working with Andrew has been an enjoyable experience, both insightful and rewarding. Before seeing Andrew, I had been experiencing (Crohn’s disease). Using energetics and a holistic approach, we have immediately been making positive and lifelong changes. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

David J

Andrew has been helping me on the road to a healthy lifestyle for several years. It has been a great journey. Incorporating a wholistic approach that includes harnessing the power of concentration and positive thought has not only improved the execution and results of my fitness programs but also has given me an important tool that I can apply in several contexts in my daily life.

Richard B

I have been training with Andrew for 8years, when I started I wanted to increase fitness and strength what Andrew brought to my training was a holistic approach covering posture (I didn’t realise I had bad posture). Not only has the chronic discomfort been addressed and I physically feel better, but I have developed a more balanced well-being which has had profound effects.) he also made me aware of alternative concepts on breathing and benefits of types of meditation .. so from intending to go the gym to get fit, he has guided me to change my overall performance and awareness in life


Working with Andrew has been a fantastic experience. Prior to meeting with him I’d felt unable to concentrate and my mind was so busy I couldn’t sleep. Now I feel so much more focused and my mind is finally less cluttered.

What to expect:

The approach and techniques used in “Energetics” will likely be new to you and will challenge your belief system on how our body works. Please come with an open mind to discover new knowledge and methodology to dealing with performance.

You will experience new exercises and training methods that will challenge the mind and body to levels never experienced before.

During each session, we will resolve what is bothering you and create noticeable shifts in your symptoms that will give you mental clarity & behavioural change leading to amazing and sustainable life transformations.

Through your understanding and appreciation of this ancient philosophy, you can begin to take control of your life and, you will be able to connect the dots for why and how certain “things” in life manifest and occur.

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Andrew Wong Kee

Holistic performance Coach

developing a deep understanding and appreciation of the power of the body, mind and spirit